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So, what exactly about Rubik’s Cubes and Skyrim is worth putting into an article where they’re both featured. It seems like the two things couldn’t be any more different. One’s a puzzle from the 1980s, the other is a video game from 2011. They’re so incredibly different, why are they being talked about together?

I’ll get to that. I promise. For now, let’s talk about what both of these things are.

A Rubik’s Cube. PennLive.

Rubik’s Cubes, as I mentioned before, are puzzle toys originating from 1970s Hungary. The first Rubik’s Cube was constructed by Erno Rubik, for whom the toy is named after…

Video games. If you’re here, chances are that you’ve played a fair number of them before, and at least have some interest or sense of curiosity about how to design and build them. Its a medium that millions have come to enjoy and love. But why don’t we go a bit further back than video games? Before Call of Duty, before Space Invaders, or even Pong. Before any of these, we had board games.

Board games have existed for thousands of years. In fact, Go, which was developed more than two thousand years ago in China, is still played today…

Demos Fotias

I’m a Video Game Designer and Developer, come join me as I explore and talk about game design, both as a player and a creator.

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